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Business Loan

What is Business Loan?

In order to understand how a business loan works, imagine borrowing a capital to fund a startup or pay for an existing business’s expansion without pledging anything against the borrowed amount. A Business Loan is thus an unsecured loan at an interest rate, giving you access to credit that can be paid back over an agreed time along with the interest, without any security against it

Looking For a Professional Help For Your Business To Grow?

How to get Business Loan?

The general finance market today has explored a vast scope in funding the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Banks have expanded their credit options to SMEs by regularly updating their product lines, services and even opening special counters.

Business loans can be applied for a Various requirements such as starting new ventures, expansions, new purchase, working capital requirement, vendor and dealer financing, bill discounting etc.

We Serve Everywhere is operations since 2008. is one stop business setup and consulting company, managed by specialized team of Business Analysts,Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Corporate Lawyers and Financial Professionals

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Income Tax

We will provide income tax return preparation, Revised return, Responding to Department notices and solving other Income Tax related issues.

Business Licenses

Our Professionals Will help you in getting your business licenses and Business licenses necessary for smooth running of businesses

Financial Services

we will Provide Funds for both personal and Business. Our funding system gives a credit line facility, enabling you to expand your business to new heights

GST Returns

We will make your business to GST Compliance. Returns are required to be filed digitally online through a common portal to be provided by GSTN

What are the Documents required for Business Loan?

Application Form: Complete loan application form with one passport size photograph

Valid Proof of Applicant's Identity

Proof of Residence: Ration card Tel/ Lease agreement/ Electricity Bill

Financial Documents: Copies of IT returns for the last two years along with the latest Bank statements for 6 months and P & L and balance sheet for last two years audited by a C.A.

Proof of Identity of Private Limited Company : GST Registration Certificate / Municipal Tax bill / PAN

Three years sales tax returns and Copy of periodic stock, age wise book-debt and creditors-statement for latest three months

Looking For a Professional Help For Your Business To Grow?

What Includes in this package?

Verification of Documents

Preparation of financial statements

Dealing with Respective Bank Authorities

Following until Loan is allotted

What is process for getting Business Loan?

Application Preparation and Verification of Documents

Our Expert will prepare your application and collect the documents necessary.

Verification of Eligibility Criteria

After Verifying Eligibility Criteria, the application will be submitted to respective Bank or Financial Institution.

Follow up

Bank / Financial Institution will check the as per their norms and process the application if they meet the norms


No business can run successfully in case of shortage of capital. You can get a business loan from Bajaj Finserv for your short or long term financial needs. Whether your business is at an initial stage or in the growth phase, additional finance can help you keep up the momentum.
You can get a business loan for up to Rs.30 lakh within 72 hours. The approval time may vary depending on the loan amount you apply for. Once your upload your documents, a Bajaj Finserv representative collects your documents from your doorstep. Once the documents are verified, your loan amount will be disbursed immediately.
Some banks may allow part payment while some others may have restrictions on how many times in a year you can part pay and also the minimum and maximum amounts you can part pay. Again, a clarification is to be sought from our loan advisor during the time of loan processing.
Borrower’s PAN card, address proof, last two years financial statements including profit and loss account and balance sheet, last six months bank statements, VAT/Service tax returns, partnership deed/MOA, existing loans repayment track record, partner/director’s PAN card, KYC, own house proof, ITRs, etc. Additional documents may be required on a case to case basis.
Business loan is a 1-3 year unsecured loan given by banks, NBFC’s (Non Banking Finance Companies) or P2P lending platforms without asking for any collateral, guarantor or hypothecation of any assets. Entities like proprietorship, partnership, private limited company or public limited company are eligible for this type of borrowing. The usage of a business loan is left to the discretion of the borrower and can be used for working capital purposes, meeting short term cash flow requirements, investments into plant and machinery etc.
The business loan tenure can range from 12 months to 36 months.
Business Loan eligibility depends on the following factors: Credit score of the loan applicant/co-applicant The last two years financials of the borrowing entity Information about the Debt Service Coverage Ratio: This information tells the lender whether the borrower will be able to service the EMI for the current loan.
All business loans are repaid through EMIs or equated monthly installments from the borrowers bank account. The borrower or customer is required to either give PDCs or sign an ECS mandate in favor of the bank disbursing the loan.
The bank will levy certain ECS bounce charges or penalties. Additionally, that will also get reported in your credit report. Depending upon the severity and the regularity of the miss, it may have a serious impact on your future credit possibilities like in obtaining a home loan, car loan, etc. Additionally, banks may also take legal action against the borrower.
EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) is a monthly amount that you have to pay back to the bank or funding institution for the loan you have availed. The EMI is inclusive of both the principal and interest components.

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