Mortgage Loan

Loan Amount from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 crores

Eligibility of upto 70% of property market value

Loan tenures of upto 15 years

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Mortgage Loan

What is Mortgage Loan?

A Mortgaged is a loan given by the lender to the borrower against the property mortgaged.

Unlike the unsecured loan, the loan against property involves a security that is the property, which the borrower can mortgage in case the loan is not repaid by the borrower. Hence, it is a type of mortgage loan. In such loans, the market value of the property is calculated and the loan furnished is a certain percentage of the market value of the loan.

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For which purposes Mortgage Can be obtained?

Mortgage has the low interest rates which can be used for business or personal finance purposes:>
  1. These loans can be used for expansion of the business and meeting the credits of the business and bonafide needs.
  2. The loans are easy to avail so they can help in case of an urgent medical financing.
  3. The loans are also useful to facilitate the renovation or repair/extension purposes in the house or flat.
  4. The loan can be used if there is a marriage in the house.
  5. The parent can use this loan for sending the child abroad for higher studies.
  6. One can use the loan to fund a vacation to an attractive tourist destination.

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What are the Documents required for Mortgaged loan?

Bank Account Statement for the last 6 months

Complete loan application form with passport size photographs

Valid Proof of Applicant's Identity and Address Proof

Business continuity proof for 5 years

Financial Documents: Copies of IT returns for the last two years along with the latest Bank statements for 6 months and P & L and balance sheet for last two years audited by a C.A.

Certificate of Incorporation : GST Registration Certificate / Partnership Deed / MoA & AOA

Looking For a Professional Help For Your Business To Grow?

What Includes in this package?

Verification of Documents

Preparation of financial statements

Dealing with Respective Bank Authorities

Following until Loan is allotted

What is process for getting mortgaged?

Application Preparation and Verification of Documents

Our Expert will prepare your application and collect the documents necessary.

Verification of Eligibility Criteria

After Verifying Eligibility Criteria, the application will be submitted to respective Bank or Financial Institution

Follow up

Bank / Financial Institution will check the as per their norms and process the application if they meet the norms


Business needs

Mortgage buyout/Balance Transfer of existing loan

Consolidation of debt

Personal needs

Bank will consider the following factors to determine eligibility and loan amount:



Valuation of Property (Fair market value)

Existing obligations, if any

Stability/Continuity of employment/Business

Past borrowing track record

The security for the loan will be the first mortgage of the property to be financed, generally by way of deposit of title deeds and/or such other collateral security.

Customer will have to ensure that the title to the property is clear, marketable and free from encumbrance. To elaborate, there should not be any existing mortgage, loan or litigation which is likely to affect the title to the property adversely.

All the co-owners of the considered property need to come in as co-applicants to the loan.
You will have to ensure that the property is duly and properly insured for fire and other appropriate hazards, as required by BFL, during the tenor of the loan and to produce evidence thereof to the Bank each year and/or whenever called upon to do so.

The EMI consists of the principal amount and the interest on the principal amount. It is calculated by taking into account the loan amount, the time frame for repaying the loan and the interest rate on the borrowed sum. The EMI may be subject to change when interest rate changes or a part-payment of the Loan is made.

Every month, part of the EMI is adjusted towards the interest payable and the balance is adjusted towards repayment of the principal.

Business Loan eligibility depends on the following factors: Credit score of the loan applicant/co-applicant The last two years financials of the borrowing entity Information about the Debt Service Coverage Ratio: This information tells the lender whether the borrower will be able to service the EMI for the current loan.

Yes. Prepayment is possible and there is no prepayment fee if you repay the loan after six months of availing the loan if you pay from your own source of funds without transferring the loan.

The bank will levy certain ECS bounce charges or penalties. Additionally, that will also get reported in your credit report. Depending upon the severity and the regularity of the miss, it may have a serious impact on your future credit possibilities like in obtaining a home loan, car loan, etc. Additionally, banks may also take legal action against the borrower.

EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) is a monthly amount that you have to pay back to the bank or funding institution for the loan you have availed. The EMI is inclusive of both the principal and interest components.

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